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Magento get products list with title and link from web service

To get a list of products with their title and link from a Magento web service, you can use the following steps:

  1. Enable web services: In the back office of your Magento store, go to “System” > “Web Services” > “SOAP/XML-RPC – Users” and create a new user with appropriate permissions.
  2. Get session ID: Use the login method of the Magento API to get a session ID by passing the user credentials created in step 1.
  3. Get products list: Use the catalogProductList method of the Magento API to retrieve a list of products. You can pass filters to retrieve only the necessary information, like title and link.
  4. Use the returned data: Parse the returned data and extract the product title and link from it
  5. Use the documentation: Magento provides documentation on how to use their web service, which includes information on the available resources and methods, as well as examples of how to make requests.

Note that: Make sure that you have enabled the web service and have the session ID to use it. The specific details of how to call the API methods and parse the returned data will depend on the programming language and framework you are using.

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